How to eat local during the zombie apocalypse

Wow…I guess I never really thought about the food side….I figured I’d get got early on and eat everyone else!!!!


Admit it: You’ve been watching too many horror movies this week — which means you’ve probably also been planning your survival strategy for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Familiar questions include: ‘Hit the gun shop with all the other trigger-happy humans, or hunker down through the initial bloodbath to clean up on melee weapons like axes and golf clubs?’* ‘Gather a crew of cautiously loyal friends or go lone wolf?’* and the inevitable: ‘To boat or not to boat?’*

But while stockpiling ammo and antibiotics is all well and good, have you thought much about your menu? With probable months of blood-soaked terror ahead of you, you’re going to want to make sure you’re not facing the interpersonal and existential stresses of the apocalypse on beer nuts and Twinkies.

Just in time for these seasonal visions of hangry undead to set in, Modern Farmer’s Cathy Barrow comes to our rescue…

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Beechworth Vic. November 2013

We stopped off in Beechworth on our way to Canberra, neither of us has been there in years; what a wonderful place to visit for a weekend. We enjoyed it so much we stayed on the way home from Canberra too!

  • Beechworth Bakery (we were a little disappointed, we have had better on previous trips
  • Beechworth Old Gaol – don’t forget the Courthouse and lovely gardens nearby
  • Beechworth Ghost Tours (we did night tour at the Asylum)
  • Gorgeous scenery out and about, especially the drive around the bridge; Woolshed Waterfalls is a must
  • There is a fabulous pizzeria and local beer place, Bridge Road Brewers……………..amazing pizza and great local ciders and soft drinks
  • We stayed at Beechworth on Bridge…………….fantastic motel, comfy rooms, great service, great price

Port Douglas, November 2012

Mantra Heritage Resort

I know it was a while ago, but it was such a memorable holiday; we still talk of it fondly!

We went on the Sailaway Cruise……….a must! and I mean must and then we loved it so much we did the Sunset cruise as well

Can’t forget Hartley’s Croc Farm, what a show!

We did a trek out through the Daintree and to Cape Tribulation

Kuranda Skyrail near Cairns……………….best damn coffee in the Cafe!

Yes, my animals are my children






Whose bed?


Zorro & Teddy Bear

Yes, my animals are my children….just ask them.

Sure I have my own human children, but they now grown up and doing their own thing. Who else is going to greet me at the door with that much enthusiasm?  My kids haven’t for years.

My babies give me unconditional love….and just as much shit if their dinner is late…or they don’t like what I have fed them. They still need bathing when they get messy and dirty. I still have to brush tangles out of long hair; so not much different from human kids, right?

I don’t take them on holidays either…I leave them in the care of their human siblings. Unlike the kids, my babies actually miss me when I do go away. They don’t through parties, but they do make a mess! And they fight, just like all siblings………..sometimes it’s just play fighting.

They share my bed, get special treats, lots of cuddles, steal my dinner off my plate when I’m not looking and one particular orange cat has a fixation with my coffee.

So YES,  my animals are my children……nothing wrong with that, just ask them.

– Julz

Frog Pond

How can I forget Glumph?


Believe it or not i found this little guy at work! I brought him home an released in in the Purpose built Frog Pond 17th May 2013.

We didn’t really see him again after that……….we found a few more friends about the garden and put them in too!

Then a few weeks back we started hearing our Little Marsh Frog singing (mind you its sounds more like a chicken clucking……seriously) we now also have eggs! Hopefully Glumph and his or her spouse will give us lots of tadpoles!!

frog pond

Then our Frog Pond will be complete

– Julz

Canberra November 2013

This is one of the spots MOTH really wanted to visit, so me being up for any holiday jumped on board. Not necessarily the MOST Exciting place to visit, but when you stay 4.5 star and MOTH gets in the holiday mood………….we can always have fun!!

We went to Mt Stromlo, the NASA deep space telemetry thingy (sorry!) The Botanical Gardens, the Dinosaur Exhibit, the War Memorial and all the other usual stuff

What we did do was on the way up and then again on the way back (Coz we had such a blast!) was go to Beechworth. I haven’t been there for years. Great place to spend a few days…………don’t forget to do the Ghost tour, day and night, especially the Gaol and Asylum!

– Julz