New Zealand – January 2015

Our next trip is early next year and we are basically doing a Lord of the Rings Tour. More will be published as our holiday approaches, but i thought I might get in early.

So why New Zealand, why LOTR? In my effort to get MOTH away from Australia, just for something different I suggested a few places (I usually like it tropical) and then ask him where he wants to go……… in joke is Canberra – we finally went there last year, so this year should have been my pick right? I would love to do a cruise…… I thought a South Pacific Cruise, then we discussed a NZ cruise to which MOTH claimed he wouldn’t see much, so I looked into stuff to do in NZ.

We are both Fantasy/ Sci-Fi nuts (movies, books, TV Shows etc), so i found a few LOTR Tours……….and thought ‘Hey great way to see the country and be entertained at the same time’. Lets face it Mr. Jackson put some amazing scenery in those films for a reason!

  • 2 days in Auckland
  • 3 days Rotorua (including Hobbiton)
  • Then spend 9 days on a South Island Self Drive full on LOTR with 4WD treks, Jet Boat rides and so much more.

Hopefully it will be an amazing trip with amazing photos!!