Yes, my animals are my children

Whose bed?
Zorro & Teddy Bear

Yes, my animals are my children….just ask them.

Sure I have my own human children, but they now grown up and doing their own thing. Who else is going to greet me at the door with that much enthusiasm?  My kids haven’t for years.

My babies give me unconditional love….and just as much shit if their dinner is late…or they don’t like what I have fed them. They still need bathing when they get messy and dirty. I still have to brush tangles out of long hair; so not much different from human kids, right?

I don’t take them on holidays either…I leave them in the care of their human siblings. Unlike the kids, my babies actually miss me when I do go away. They don’t through parties, but they do make a mess! And they fight, just like all siblings………..sometimes it’s just play fighting.

They share my bed, get special treats, lots of cuddles, steal my dinner off my plate when I’m not looking and one particular orange cat has a fixation with my coffee.

So YES,  my animals are my children……nothing wrong with that, just ask them.

– Julz