Who am I?

So who am I and why am I here?

I am ‘Julz’ to almost everybody, I am on the wrong side of 40, but the right side of 50. My family is my life, followed closely by my friends. I been married to my MOTH (Man of the House) for 24 years and have two fabulous Girls and 1 terrific Son in Law. I don’t have a lot of friends, but treasure the ones I have. To some I am aloof and unapproachable, but really I am kind of shy. To those who really know me I am quirky, with a naughty black sense of humor. I am often moody and creative, I love to paint, read, listen to music………almost any music I have a very eclectic taste.I love to be creative, I love to renovate my house and gardens, I love to travel and would like to do more, I love movies, but nothing to bloody or gruesome. I am just getting back into photography, and I work as a Graphic Designer/Marketing Professional (well most of the time – but that is for another blog). I am a Geek, but only about 50% committed; I am more nerdy/geeky than my friends and family, but compared to real Geeks I am a watered down version. I don’t really attend ComicCons unless I am working and have only ever dressed up once;’ as a Klingon!

So why and I here? I guess in a way I am re inventing myself in my blog, I don’t really care who reads it, but I guess I am more comfortable opening up on a autonomous form than to people I know, it can be more ‘real’. Some of the things I will post are possibly pure garbage, but other items I hope will be gold. I hope to build on my writing style as I move through this Blogging101.

What does the future hold? I hope more travel……..next year Moth and I are off to New Zealand to do a Lord of The Rings Tour……told you I was Geeky! And of course some other cultural things while we are there. I am not sure if I will ever really talk more about my family or friends other than in a general sort of way, this is more about me than them. I hope to keep growing, blogging, doing more photography and building a standing in the blogging community.

– Julz