An Adventure with Billy Connolly


Oh to go on an adventure with Billy Connolly; I adore this man, his sense of humor, his dry wit, his effervescent personality. His adventures all over the globe on his big trike are as awe inspiring as they are amusing. From Australia to the Top of the World, to Route 66 and the American Mid West, as well as all over UK & many parts of Europe. I always make a point of seeing him on stage when in Australia; but to actually spend some time with this lovely man, would be a special honor.

He treats everyone as his equal and each individual as a human being; he does not care for color, creed, religion, nationality or culture, he loves everyone the same. As long as you have a good heart, and a great story, he will give you his devoted attention. He tales of life, love and adventure are real and amusing. So many people across the world could, dare I say should take a leaf from his book of life.

Some say he is harsh and crass, but this man is a realist; he wears no rose colored glasses. Even with his own medical issues he faces his own mortality with his usual wit, and enthusiasm for life. His ‘Big Send Off’ was brave and raw, not many could so candidly look at death in such an open and honest way. There is no hiding the point; we are all dying.

To spend an afternoon with this man would be a delight, to share an adventure with him would be a dream come true. I dare say he could possibly provoke me into dancing naked at Stonehenge! If ever I received an invitation to tea or even a beer, there would be no way I could say no to this man.

– Julz