Literate for a Day

My Darling Chloe, you are my light, my life; of all my furry children no one has touched my heart as you have done. I know you love me unconditionally, just the manic greeting that I receive when I get home; the literal squeals of joy at my return. You love me on my best and worst days; you do not care if I lounge around the house in my PJs with no make up……… fact you live for those days. You encourage me to eat junk food, as you love a little tit bit!

But please!!!!!! on this one day, can you explain why you maniacally bark at nothing at the front door, most times I cannot even see a cat, a bird or even an ant! Also why do have to try and scare every person who comes to the door or we meet on a walk? Let’s face it when push comes to shove I am the one protecting you…….you are too small to do much damage. Is this your attempt to say “This is my mummy, you cannot have any of her time……GO AWAY and leave us be”?

And please stop leaving puddles on the laundry floor, if you need to go outside,Ā  wake me up like your brother Buddy does; Bark! you never shut up any other time, so why go silent at night? I don’t mind getting up, really I don’t.

I know your answer, I guess I have always known;

“Why, I love you Mummy, really I do. Let’s just go have another cuddle, then we will both feel better.”

I guess I would just love to hear your little voice say the words.

– Julz