One Four Challenge, Week1

Elephant Sunset

Elephant Sunset, filters and effects

This is my first attempt for the One Four Challenge, I heard about on line today; I immediately thought, this is something I need to play with.

All post processing was done in Adobe Photoshop; I have removed the background entirely and overlaid another photo of a sunset. I then added a mild Lens Blur to the background and increased the color position to a red filter set at 50%. On the actual Elephant layer I strengthened the contrast and added an orange filter at about 35%, I created more shadows on his face and body area. I also ”dirtied” him up a bit and added subtle red highlights along the far top right where the setting sun.

Original Photograph, African Elephant shot at Dubbo Zoo

I have had this photo for a little while, it’s an African (Or possibly Asian Elephant) which I took at Dubbo Zoo in NSW on holiday with my family.

Can’t wait for next week, this was so much fun!

– Julz