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I love you mummy, when you were sick in hospital, I slept on your side of the bed, I waited and waited for you, but you didn’t come home for such a long time.

When they finally let you come visit me for a day, I got so excited to see you, I would not let anyone near you. But then Daddy would take you away again and I got so sad and mad at him; I would growl and nip him. I don’t understand why you were away so long, but now I have you back, I don’t want to share you with anyone.

People can visit, but then they have to leave. I bark on walks to keep strangers away; maybe it was them who took you away, or someone at the door. You can go to work if you have to but I am just so happy when you come home again every afternoon. Our special time in the gardens with my brothers is so special for all of us.

I do not bark at nothing out in the street, it’s just that it’s usually gone by the time you check, honest I was keeping all of us safe; or trying to get Buddy to bark at nothing to confuse him, and get him in trouble. Confusing Buddy and chasing the cats is fun, unless the cats get mad and fight back……then they are really mean.

And finally I don’t mean to leave puddles, but I know you have been sick and I want you to rest, also I guess I’m lazy when it’s cold outside, and it’s still attention even when you’re scolding me, but most of all

“We love you Mummy, and cuddles fix everything; cuddles and doggy kisses and Smackos”

– Love Chloe (& Buddy, Teddy & Zorro)