Bad Signal

“I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.”

This is from ihateketchup, I hope they don't:  mind
This is from ihateketchup, I hope they don’t mind

That was all I could make out from this garbled voice mail message,  Who is it from, and what is this about? I listen over and over, but still can’t quite make it out. The voice is familiar, but it just doesn’t  come to bear, like a person standing in the distance, surrounded by Fog. Who is It?

Is it someone I know, or just a wrong number? The voice calls to me, like something nagging just in the back of my mind; but I just can’t make it out. For days it haunts me, this kind of silly thing always frustrates me; “let it go” I tell myself, “but what if it is something important?” Who is It?

I have asked all my family and friends, no one knows, it wasn’t them. Of course I try to check the number, but of course it is Private, so I can’t call them back. Who is it?

To this day I still do not know, that was month’s ago, I guess if I don’t know now I never will, and it has not offered up any surprises either; maybe it was just another wrong number, after all?

– Julz