Oil, Meet Water


Oil, Meet Water

Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?

This easy and difficult at the same time; I have 2 very good friends, both of which I actually share very little in common as most people would see on the outside.

‘K’ I grew up with and went to school with and as kids we did everything together,  we were rarely apart. She was mad into sports, as I really am not, even back then I was more into art and literature.  Sure we had our share of fights over stupid stuff, as teenage girls do, but we were always best of friends. Then life happened and we drifted apart for a few years. We were then brought back together through a random act, fate I guess. What ever ‘it’ was it brought ‘K’ back into my life…..it also brought with her my now husband ‘Moth’. Still to this day we actually have very little in common; she still likes her sports I like art and literature, my kids are all grown up, hers a small (under 10). I guess we are comfortable with each other, there is nothing we can’t tell each other, and often we just need the other for a good laugh. I guess as we have become distant from each others lives in a strange sort of way, it becomes easier to speak honestly about our feelings, good or bad.

 ‘S’ We have only know each other for about 15 years and met by chance, we are neighbors of sorts, and met through our children. She also has two girls only a little younger than mine. We do not really like the same books, movies or TV Shows, only sometimes the same movies, we do enjoy the theater, holidays and clothes shopping! She also likes sports and I don’t. We both have a love of our kids and love to walk our dogs together. We were thrust together and had our friendship cemented as true sisters through a family tragedy. Our bond is now stronger than ever.  We share a common identity as mothers and now as friends and talk of nothing and everything all the time. And sometimes we don’t talk at all……just enjoy each others company; but I must admit we do like to gossip!

So I guess it is not necessary to have a lot of shared interests to be true friends, some people just click. Oil and water do mix

– Julz