Bad Day!

car_PuddleIt was a bright, crisp Spring morning; the sun had just risen and was adding a touch a warmth to what would have been an otherwise very chilly morning,  I decided to talk the dogs out for our walk.  Little did I know this was going to be a Bad Day!

It all started innocently enough, in their excitement to be off, the dogs managed to get me tangled up in the leads and I banged my shin on the coffee table. Hobbling along I stuffed my feet into my sneakers, only to discover one of the cats had left a little present….ewwwwww half a lizard. So I plucked that out and found an alternative pair of sneakers to wear, the ones which have a few holes that I usually on wear for gardening.

Of course I promptly stepped in a very large puddle from the overnight rains and my foot (of course the same leg I banged my shin) was now rather wet. So now sore and wet I continued on our walk, when I received a phone call from from daughter, to say that there was no hot water as the hot water system had just died.

So now I was getting a little distraught,  I was now getting cold, and wet and my leg hurt and I had no nice warm shower to come home to, it was at about this time, that a speeding car whizzed around the bend, completely soaking me in a spray of water from the gutter.

I stood there in total shock, some days you should just never get out of bed, and that is precisely where I went………..home to bed.

That’s it I Think I got all four!! – Julz

Failing that: “A speeding car, a phone call and a bright, crisp morning all walk into a bar, and confused the hell out of the barman…………..[insert tag line here].