The Birthday Moth doesn’t want

OK, so here goes my 10 minute challenge

This year Moth has a big number birthday, a milestone of sorts. All of his sisters and the extended family keep bugging me and him about what he is going to do and what he wants for his birthday. As per usual Moth does not like a big fuss, about ANYTHING. I keep saying why don’t you keep it low key? A BBQ, just a few friends? He is always dodging the conversation. So as per Usual I will have to sort it all out, and tell him to just deal with it as it is for everyone else not him! LOL

So who do you invite to a party for someone they don’t want to have, keep in mind his birthday is at Christmas as well! So I though a pre Christmas or Post Christmas get together with his family, like we do every year and just through in a cake……….it’s fine by me (no fuss) it’s fine by Moth…………..but his family want more! Oh dear it is never easy to please everyone is it?

And then there is the issue with presents, I can’t figure out what to get him, let alone give everyone else ideas? My daughter bought him a very nice bottle of Scotch from USA. Yes that’s great, but what about the rest of us, we can’t all buy booze, not a good look!!! This is the man who lives by the motto “The one with the most toys, wins” and I honestly do think he is WINNING, that man lacks for nothing…….oh he can always think of more toys he would like, but I always ask him “But what would you ever do with ‘that'” he always replies “I’m sure I can find something” Thank heavens he isn’t into cars!

So that is my 10 minute rant, thanks for reading any ideas let me know

– Julz