Golden Key

You’ve been given a key that can open one building, room, locker, or box to which you don’t normally have access. How do you use it, and why?

Every Sunday, as a kid, you were always dragged off the visit Aunty Edna, aka “The Old Lady down the street”. She was an old friend of your Grandma’s and your mother always told you it would be disrespectful not to keep visiting her, especially now Grandma was gone. You never understood why you had to go, as Aunt Edna was of the believe ‘Children should be seen and not heard’ era.

On those Sunday afternoons when your Mother and Aunt Edna were chatting you were often completely forgotten and left to aimlessly wonder around her rambling old house; just has time worn as Aunt Edna herself, with peeling paint and piles of old newspapers cluttered about. There was one door in the upstairs hallway, you must have walked past that door hundreds of times, it was always locked; you know because you always tried to turn the handle. You often wondered what was behind the locked door! Treasure, Pirates, Booty, Boogey Men, Mummies oh the imagination of a small child; it was limitless.

Now many years later and Aunt Edna has gone, you’ve just found out you have inherited her old house. You’ve been trying to clear out the house and get it ready for sale and you find a old key in the drawer of her writing desk. It was once a Golden Key, but now very rusty. Could it be? The very key for THAT door?  You suddenly find yourself standing before that door with a rusty, once golden key and shaking ever so slightly you turn the key in the lock. It is old and stiff and takes a bit of effort, there is squeaking sound as the key moves in the rusty lock. Slowly it starts to turn and then finally unlocks, you can get the door slightly ajar, the air smells musty and is chocked with dust. Slowly with great effort you manage to swing the door open, and as the light from the doorway finally manages to highlight a small room you notice that it is completely EMPTY!!!

As appointment washes over you, you come the realization that it is only a small cupboard and not really a room. Why it was kept locked all those years was a mystery, then you notice a faded piece of paper with writing on it; you take it into the light to better read the faded paper;

“The imagination of a child is the greatest gift I could ever give you”  Love Aunt Edna XOX

– Julz