The Good Old Days?

Damn right, couldn’t agree more

Stuff my dog taught me

bubblegumAh… the glorious days of my youth.  How much better things were back in the good old days, when children knew their manners, schools taught math the right way, and you could eat a peanut butter sandwich in public without a swarm of helicopter parents swooping down as though you were the Uni-bomber.  So many memories…

  • Sunday drives with the family.  Curled up on the backseat with a pillow and a book (and no pesky seatbelt).  Window cracked open a bit so the smoke from my parents’ cigarettes wouldn’t make my eyes water.
  • Learning my ABCs and my 123s in the old-fashioned way, with spelling bees and times tables, and a sweet looking little old lady teacher who sat at a wooden desk.  With a wooden ruler which she might occasionally swat across a set of knuckles.
  • Dinner at home every evening.  Eaten on TV trays in front of the…

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