Spinning Yarns or Telling Stories?


What makes a good storyteller, in your opinion? Are your favorite storytellers people you know or writers you admire?

I think there are different types of story tellers, there is Uncle Brian (RIP), Pa and even my Dad who always had a yarn to tell, advice to give and a wicked joke (well not my Pa but you get the idea). These guys always spun yarns, mostly exaggerated stories about misspent youth, or urban legends; most people have at least one in the family.

Then there are the people who can tell a story through pictures, there are some amazing photographers, painters and artisans who can tell a whole story through a single image.

Then there are the writers, personally I like fiction, a novel needs to remove me from my life entirely and place me in a world of fantasy. Witches and Wizards, Dragons and Ogres, Demons, Villains and Heroes, Faeries, Princess Brides and the little guy who can do amazing feats of courage and heroism; he (Or she)never  thought possible. Some of my all time favorite writers are Terry Brookes, David Eddings, Anthony Eaton (Australian), Sheri S Tepper, just to name a few.

Then there are the people who read these fabulous books, those who truly understand what is written can tell a story about those books, how they were taken away, transformed into someone else, became friends with the people in these stories and boo’d the Villains. It still amazes me that no two people seem to take the same away from the same book. My hubby and I frequently read the same books and have discussions about them, and we both see, think, and feel differently about each character, plot, story line………I guess that is the beauty about books, it truly takes a reader to make a story come alive, without the reader the story is just a bunch of pages!

– Julz