2015 Countdown – 10 things for a fresh start

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Countdown.”

Welcome 2015 - Bring it on!
Welcome 2015 – Bring it on!

To Be perfectly honest this year has been a blur, we’ve had the usual birthdays and anniversaries, 23 years of marriage, my baby girl turned 21!

You know when you have ‘that’ moment…………HOW DID I GET HERE? I have had it a few times in my life. It usually means I am stuck in a rut, getting no where and have no idea how I ended up there. I had another of those this year after a long stint in hospital. Where have my creative juices gone? I don’t paint, I don’t draw, I don’t write, I don’t take pictures (apart from a few happy snaps for Instagram) My creativity is my soul………….and it was time to get it back on the road!

Where to start?

1. My Job is sucking the life out of me…………finding a new job? Sure I could do that, but I am comfortable here for the most part. I look at my resume and portfolio……………….YUCK! That needs some work, a LOT of work!

2. Start looking at my Resume (CV) OK so I fixed all that up, time to turn to the portfolio. It is really boring and uninspiring. A lot of designer now have an online portfolio. OK, So I start up a new website for all my graphics stuff, which then leads me to looking at my images. Artwork fine, Photography requires a lot of work. What message am I trying to push?

3. Most Designer have a Blog, so I look into this, ended up on WordPress, they are just about to start Blogging and Photography 101………….WOW that was timing, and suited me perfectly. So in i jump.

4. Decided after venturing around the Blogshphere that there is some really cool digital photography happening and I want in. But my camera is old and pretty lame, wont really do the things I want.

5. So a new Nikon D5300 camera and some basic lenses, but I do not really know how to use it off Auto.  I used to do Photography (In a dark room and stuff) but so long ago, most of my shots were of dinosaurs! Time learn some new stuff. So I do a meet and greet with a few Photographers whose work I really admired through their Blog, it amazes me how willingly they help newbies like me – Thank you.

6. So now to do some photography, read books, manuals and played my way through so many YouTube videos. Decided that stealing my hubbies PC or working from my tablet weren’t cutting the mustard so to speak, so I then bought a new PC. Started loading up some new cool editing software (Photoshop I am familiar with), Lightroom I had to do more tutorials and learning, Feels like my poor old brain is stuffed full of new stuff.

7. Now some of this is starting to sink in, I blog, I shoot, I edit, my brain won’t switch off, there are a million ideas all going off at once. I think I might have an addictive personality!! I take part in as many challenges as I can, to push my boundaries for photography and writing.  I finish Blogging and Photo101, take on Blogging 201. Now I am doing interviews with people I do not know! This is GREAT!!

8. I think to myself, this has been a long hard year I need a Holiday……….so early next year we are going overseas! Yay! well that involved passports and stuff, so more organizing to do. Man my day is full of ‘lists to do’ plus photo and writing challenges, I am so busy, with some many things to arrange and organize, and I have so many ideas for future projects.

9.  Well Now it’s less than a month til Christmas Holidays and no one will be hiring now, so I can spend the next few weeks really tweaking my craft. All this Photo editing has really honed and expanded my graphic capabilities, taken me to places I would never have ventured before. Brought new tools and skills and I feel ready to take on the world. Come on 2015!!

10. Then I realize that this is the happiest I have been in a long time. Yes my job is boring and soul sucking. Try being a graphic artist for a Electronics Consumer company, so many rules and restrictions and people with no appreciation artistic expression – its not that exciting. Plus I don’t always have stuff to work on and end up doing admin and other stuff as well! BUT!! it does give me plenty of free time, so I can Blog, work on my images, plan for future projects. I don’t wont to be a professional photographer, and I can be a graphic designer at work and a graphic artist at home, not so soul sucking when I can work on my own projects!

So you know what? I have decided that perhaps it is not my job I needed to change, just my attitude and outlook on life that needed an adjustment! So next year, I intend to do things at my own pace, not get hung up on the little things, make time for not just my family and friends, but also me and my art! My job just pays the bills and gives me money so I can do the fun stuff I want to. While they keep paying me, I’ll keep turning up. OK so maybe I will no longer give them 120%. But that is fine by me, I’ll keep that for myself. SO now I think I am ready to tackle 2015 – Bring it on!!

– Julz