Kat Got Your Tongue- Focus

Kat Got Your Tongue- Focus

Focus, Focus?????????????? Are you kidding my mind is on 100 different things at once, the eternal turmoil of the creative! Pick up one thing and then get distracted by something else, physically and /or psychologically.

But when I have to focus, I mean really focus I try this;

Go outside, or somewhere quiet (I don’t mean go for a long walk or drive, just somewhere close), take 3 deep breaths and in my head work out what really needs my attention, then make a quick mental list of a few things associated with it.

For Instance; who is it for? Is there a deadline? Is there anything I need before I can start? etc etc.

Also handy are lists………….I tend to write things down that I need and the prioritize them. Get the big jobs out of the way, then the smaller ones don’t seem so hard. Or if i have limited time i might do 2-3 smaller jobs, depending on their urgency.

People tell me I am so organised it makes them think i’m a little obsessive, but if they knew what was going on in my mind they might begin to understand the notes, lists and messages I leave for myself!!

– Julz