Feeling Fancy

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Feeling Fancy.”

To be perfectly honest IF I had unlimited funds, I would sleep in and not go to work!!!!!

Then I could sitting around all day in my PJ’s ordering clothes & camera equipment online, spending the morning editing my photos on PC.

Perhaps ring have have something totally amazing delivered to me personally for lunch, followed by a really good massage, manicure & pedicure. Maybe a quick trip to the hairdresser and then a touch of shopping to grab the perfect outfit for a sumptuous dinner tonight, at some fancy 5 star restaurant……………..or even better a candle lit dinner at home, prepared & delivered by a 5 star restaurant (with service staff to serve and tidy up afterwards). Followed by a spa and foot rub with my Moth!

now I look at the paperwork on my desk and am totally depressed for the day ahead! :-(………………massage come back!

– Julz