The Birthday Moth doesn’t want – Part 2

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done!.”

Last Ready, Set, Done post I wrote about my Husbands upcoming Birthday see post – The Birthday Moth Doesn’t want, so I thought this the perfect venue for a follow up.

SO the party itself – OK we are now just having a few friends and family over for a BBQ lunch / Christmas get together the Sunday prior to Christmas day. It will be a low key affair, but THERE WILL BE pavlova and chocolate cake! It was the only way to guarantee Moth would turn up!! This includes all his Sisters and extended family. Just hope the weather is OK!

The presents, that is always a tough one, as I said he is playing ‘The Most Toys Wins’ and he is still playing to WIN! So i have asked everyone to give him Vouchers to a particular Audio Hi-Fi Store , he wants to put speakers all the way through the house and back veranda, so if everyone puts in a little bit here and there it should all add up. As for me……….I have got him a Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang), Bazinga T- Shirt. ‘That’s not much’ you say. Trust me he’ll get a kick out of it, plus when I tell him he can go spend $X at Bunnings he’ll be over the moon. I know to me it sounds a little boring too, but it is HIS Birthday and not mine! So for now, that is the extension of my rant from last time.

– Julz