The Anti Bucket List

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Kick the Bucket.”

dont do it!

I’m a fairly adventurous person, I will usually give most things a try, however there are some things I would never do, some places I would never visit, so lets give this a go;

I would never set foot in a war-torn area, or medical hazard, ie; Somalia, Middle East etc (the professionals have enough to worry about, let alone saving the likes of me), although there are a few places on my bucket list, which I would love to visit if they are not erupting in chaos, and of course the funds (Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Istanbul; just to name a few)

I don’t think I could ever climb a really high mountain  – Everest, K2 – to start with I am just not fit enough for sure and I have an aversion to heights, I suffer from Vertigo.

For same reason listed above I don’t think I could even go on a Balloon Ride, Hang Gliding, Para sailing or Gliding.

I don’t think I could ever eat live (or dead) bugs or spiders – eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww

I don’t think I would like to visit the Antarctic, fly over maybe, but not visit – too damn cold.

I doubt I could ever read the likes of War and Peace, I know it’s a classic, but it sounds too long and boring!

I could never watch any of the SAW movies, way too gruesome, actually any of those truly Gruesome movies, count me out. Cannot watch any more Walking Dead for the same reason, saw 3 episodes, 3 too many for my brain and tummy.

I could not hurt anyone, let alone kill someone for any reason, other than self-defense or to protect my children. There I am a Tiger Mum. Touch my kids I break your fingers (or something else).

I could never go into politics, I lie badly and could not screw over a whole city, state or country! Plus I have no patience for silly childlike brawling and name calling!

Then there is the obvious ones, I don’t do drugs, break into houses, theft, arson, intentionally hurt someone, get into a fist fight, enter a boxing ring, break the law (I mean serious stuff, not parking infringements or speeding, already been done for those!) I would never drink drive.

I would never sleep with my Best Friend or even Neighbors husband (EWWWWWW I mean seriously), I’d never steal my daughter’s Boyfriends, I mean that is just creepy. I know other people have done it, but it’s just plain WRONG!

There are probably other notorious, nefarious things I just can’t think of now, but that is the best (or worst?) or it for now.

– Julz