Unsung Hereos

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Unsung Heroes.”


The Unsung Hero in my house is the Magical Faerie, who comes in every week and cleans the house, does all the laundry, cooks all the meals, make sure everyone gets Doctors, Dentist & Veterinary check ups,  feeds all the animals, loads and unloads the dishwasher, oh and turns the actual dishwasher on, picks up all the dirty washing and puts in laundry, so a fore mentioned faeries can do the laundry, empties the bins, puts the bins out, weeds the garden, walks the dogs, makes sure the car is serviced and has petrol, pays the bills, does the supermarket shopping, puts away food shopping.

Oh Hang on, I think I am day dreaming – that is ME!!!

I claim the unsung Hero today, not my fabulous parents who raised me, not my wonderful husband who does everything else (AKA Mows lawns and Ironing), not my great & loving, but generally lazy kids.

I know that there are thousands of unsung heroes out there, there are policemen and fire fighters (paid and volunteer), there are charity workers, there are youth workers, there are aged careers and careers of the disabled and sick. There are service men and woman in armed forces.  And don’t get me wrong they are all unsung heroes; especially at this time of year. But everyone knows they are heroes! They usually get a call out.

There are supposed Sporting Heroes, Heroes? Really? Hey they maybe great sports men and women, but heroes, really? Whose life did they safe, whose life did they make just that little bit better buy winning some game?

I call Unsung Heroes to all the Mums (or even House Husbands) out there who hold together the very fabric of the family universe and would see each and every family fall apart at the seams if it were not for us and our tireless efforts to do just about everything, including cook our own Birthday & Mothers Day Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – Come On Folks! Oh and who out there has not had to at some stage BUY their own Birthday / Mothers Day / Christmas Present???

I say…..let’s here it for the girls (and guys) who keep everything together!

superhero– Julz