The Birthday Moth Didn’t want – Pt.3

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Hindsight.”

Not quite Hindsight as put in the daily prompt, however I guess it is fitting in my own strange way. As I wrote about in Pts 1 & 2, Moth had his birthday party a week ago. As predicted by Moth, it was a lot of fuss and bother for very little return. However he did get to spend the day with his immediate and extended family, ate way too much food, possible drank just a little too much, got some pressies and had chocolate cake………..we even managed to sing Happy Birthday (mostly off key) to his annoyance. So all round a good day. However in Hindsight, less food and perhaps a little more control over what present he got from his sisters; he only got half of what we all put in for their presents on their previous birthdays. A little bit hypocritical,  considering he is the only brother they have, and the baby of the family to boot…………but what can you do? Nothing, besides it’s the thought that counts right?