what an amazing Blogosphere

InJulz response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Recently Acquired.”

I started this blog only a few short months ago, it seems hardly possible. I did it for various reasons, none of which seem important or even relevant now. I was not fully prepared for the amount of people who would be interested in any thing I have to say. I am also amazed that the amount of people who have shared similar experience and stories to my own, I dont feel alone in my little cacoon anymore. People I have never even met share so much of themselves and give so much encouragement to be oneself. It’s like AA for the soul, being anonymous,  makes us more open to reach out and to try new things.

I was not prepared for the journey my blog has taken me, but I am greafful for it, I have never felt such inner peace, but such energy at the same time.  Thank you.