Another time, perhaps

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Skin.”

I’ve always thought I was born in the wrong century, the only thing is I’m not sure exactly which century I should have been born into. Many times I have longed for a much older, simpler time. One where family was important and ethics and morals held value. A time when the world seemed safer. But then I am a woman; I think I would probably have gone mad, being a woman back then, knowing my place, and knowing I was meant for so much more than home and hearth and raising babies. Maybe if I was a man? Men seemed to inherit the earth or so they said.

Maybe I need the future? Where there is no religion, no country boundaries and all humans lived in peace, equality and safety. Where one is valued on merit, not on sex or race or creed. Maybe in a future time, things can be simpler; we may figure out we do not need so much ‘stuff’ and can exist simply. Money is not required as everything is shared equally; food, water, shelter. The goal is em betterment of the species, not the individual.

I know this is a dream, but not entirely without merit? Look at the Jetsons……….we all thought by 2000 we’d be flying around in cars, or in Back to The Future on hover boards; not much has really changed. I can live without the hover boards, I’d probably break my neck anyway I’m too clumsy!

– Julz