Karma is a Bitch

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Karma Chameleon.”


I am a firm believer in Karma, no need for Science to tell me it does or doesn’t exist. I always try and do the right thing, I help someone out who is struggling; pick up something that got dropped, point out when they are about to loose something (a wallet, a kid, car keys) if someone leaves something in a taxi, train, shopping cart etc I try and find the owner. I let the person patiently trying to merge in traffic in, I am polite and patient (usually) and I firmly believe that Karma has granted me the calm life that I mostly lead today………OK if she would make me fitter, healthy and more attractive I would be grateful for that………..but maybe they are my burden to bear?

However I wish she would bite more often the people who truly deserve it……..those pushy bastards in traffic, shopping center car parks and cashier queues, who cannot simply wait their turn and need to push in. There are the rude people who simply demand they be heard, even if their trifling issue is something so silly they cannot see it themselves! Where is Karma then? Does she bite on demand? I don’t wish them any real harm, but surely a stubbed toe here and there when someone is too pushy. Or some snot nosed prat who over pays for bad coffee and deems it their legacy to the world looses a $20.00 note occasionally; around a homeless person or Red Cross worker would be good too!

Maybe I ask too much for Karma to be my own personal bitch, and I know she does bite when it suits her, but sometimes………….just sometimes I wish I could watch the show. So beware people Karma is out there and if you truly deserve it, she will bite and bite hard if required. So please; be polite, be courteous, be patient, be nice to people, share a smile………..it might just make the world a better place!

– Julz