Brain Power

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brain Power.”

Let’s assume we do, in fact, use only 10% of our brain. If you could unlock the remaining 90%, what would you do with it?

Ummmmm…….did anyone see that movie Lucy? Not sure if I want to unlock the remaining 90% if I am just going to disappear into nothing, or did she ascend to a higher level of consciousness? It was weird and freaky and she was hunted down like an animal, all because she was different. Gee that sounds familiar doesn’t it. But let us step away from the wondrous silver screen for a minute, are there other possibilities out there?

Would unlocking more of our higher cognitive functions give us more or less to work with? If we are currently at 10%, what would we have at;

20% – Better memory – the ability to retain more information and not get muddled up by it all. That is something I could cope with. Instead of losing my car keys, mobile phone, glasses – I will instantly know where I left them!

30% – Better muscle retention? I could tell my muscles and internal organs what they should be doing, as opposed to the other way round? That could be cool, so instead of an over weight 40+ lazy graphic designer, I could tell my body it really is actually 20+ gorgeous super model? I could work with that.

40% – Telekinesis? Now this could be used for good or ill. I would love to tell the vacuum to run over the floors without lifting a finger, or make the dishes do themselves. I could help out at car accidents or even prevent them; that could be a great help. But then scaring people by throwing things at them, would be uncool. Then there is the whole Carrie burning down the school thing……….that would definitely be UNCOOL!

50% – Sonar? Echo Location? I guess if it stops me walking into things it would be a help. I mean, I see things, but don’t really notice them……would it really help? I know some people who are visually impaired kind of work on something similar to this, so it would help them out surely, as well as other people who are visually impaired.

60% – Mind Control? “These are not the droids you are looking for” Jedi Mind Powers? I’m not sure about that one. In some situations it would be handy, like trying to sneak past Storm Troopers, and convincing Telemarkers not to call, before they actually call (Not sure how that one would work – but I like the idea). Convincing children to clean bedrooms, take out garbage, stack dishwasher – that could work. Convincing the dog not to bark at every noise outside – that could work too. Convincing people to give me all their money? Not cool. Convincing people to like me, even if they don’t know me? No – you would never know WHO your real friends are.

70 – 90%  – Wow, now we are getting into the realm of really freaky. Invisibility? or the ability to communicate directly with Computers and the Internet (AKA the Matrix). The ability to enter the internet? I can’t really even imagine what would happen at this level (and I cannot remember what happened at this point in Lucy), the ability to predict and forever change the future? Travel backwards and forwards across the space time continuum? The mind boggles at the endless possibilities.

100% – According the the writer of Lucy at 100% we disappear. So what would that mean? Do we leave our bodies and take on a form of higher consciousness? Do we ascend to a higher plain of existence? Does our mind implode and we simply die? Do we realize that it was all a lie and we vanish – simply not exist? Have you ever filled a glass right to the top and try to carry it? Almost impossible, you always spill a little…… would 100% brain function be the same, it’s so full that things start spilling out? We become emotionless, mindless, zombies who cannot function in society? This is not something I would like to take on, apart from the fear of the unknown……….at 100% surely there would be no unknown? Now where is the fun in that? I like to learn, and I like to teach, I think it is something very human, we all do it from the day we are born, we are always learning and in turn teaching others.

So I guess I could cope with a little topping up, but not too much. And who knows, I’m possibly so far from the mark of what would really happen anyway. Or scarily close to it?

These are not the Droids you are looking for

– Julz