Let’s just Disagree & leave it at that

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Agree to Disagree.”

Blood is thicker than water, You can pick your friends and not your family, Do unto others as you would have them do to you………these can be words to live by, but as is usually the case, occasionally to your own detriment. You usually pick your friends as they have similar interests and beliefs to yourself. Somebody once quoted that you only see people as intelligent if they agree with you, the rest are obviously idiots………not always the case. Over the years I have had many friends, many of which I have lost touch with for various reasons, lives have taken different paths, moved away, fallen out, but that is life, friends come and go. I have a few really good friends, whom I have had for many many years. Sure we have had our disagreements, but usually nothing major and have always bounced back to ‘Besties’.

Now, on the other hand you can always rely on family, right? I mean family is always supposed to have your back, right? What happens when your siblings’ DNA must have been hit by radioactive substance at some point after he left home? We didn’t always agree as kids, in fact we spent most of our time fighting. But we were fairly close, once. Now he knows everything, he is only looking out for himself, he thinks he is beyond the law, and life owes him everything just for being here. I don’t know what switch was pulled, but he needs to turn it off. I mean seriously you cannot go through life treating your own family with such contempt, when your own daughter refers to you as the ‘sperm donor’ and doesn’t invite you to her wedding, isn’t that giving you a hint?

It has been this way for years now, I usually don’t rant about it, in fact I rarely admit I have a brother these days. I don’t agree with most of his life choices, so I simply stay away from him. I do not communicate with him, and only bump into him at family weddings & funerals. Not Christmas, Not Mother or Fathers Day (that’s if he even turns up for those), and if I get a text, phone call or card for my birthday; I think I would pass out from the shock. So I guess we have decided to just part ways and an unofficial………..let’s agree to disagree………and lets just leave it at that.

– Julz