Pleased to Meat You – Big Bad Wolves Unite on the Dark side

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pleased to Meet You.”


The Big Bad Wolf (aka BBW) was sitting on a log, waiting for the other Wolf (you know the one from Little Red Riding Hood) to pass by. You see when he had been trying to get the 3 little pigs, he overheard them talking on the phone to their friend Red about her plan to ambush the Wolf with her Grandmother. He hadn’t been waiting long when he heard someone coming through the brush.

“Hey Bro…….you got a minute?”asked BBW, the other Wolf eyed him skeptically, “Who are you?” he asked. BBW was a little taken aback, I mean he was BBW after all………didn’t everyone know him? He preened himself, just a little and stated “Big Bad Wolf”……..the other Wolf beamed at him and said “Hey Bro, yeah I heard of you..I’m Jack, Jack Wolf. What are you doing here scaring unsuspecting folks out for a walk”.  “Well Jack, it’s like this, I know you’re after Little Red Riding Hood, and as much as I know her and her Grandma have what’s coming to them, they are onto you and are planning to ambush you and hand you over to the woodcutter.”  Jack was a little startled “That’s harsh Man, cutting in on another wolf’s dinner, if you want her so bad, Man just take her.”

BBW “Hey Man, it’s not like that, see I was busting in on these 3 little pigs, who were talking to her on the phone and telling her and her Grandma to be careful, I overheard the whole thing. So I thought I’d help a Brother out, I’m still full from the 3 pigs and Red and her Grandma are pretty scrawny……….they’re all yours Jack.”

Jack was impressed, “OK so what’s the plan?” BBW gestured for Jack to sit next to him on a log in the sun “I reckon forget all the fancy stuff of sneaking in and dressing up like Grandma, Red will never go for it, I think we should follow her at a discreet distance, then once Red is inside Grandmas house…………set fire to it! That saves your arse and you meal is pre cooked! “Then when the Woodcutter turns up, and tries to put out the Fire we can jump out from our hiding spot and ham string him. Then we can have him for entree or toss him in the fire too!”

Jack said “Wow, thanks BBW…… may have just saved my hide.” They then went off to scout out Red so she could get her special surprise.

– Julz