Fireside Chat

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fireside Chat.”

OK so this is probably a little left of field from the challenge, but I cannot make my head sit still and think much beyond my holiday at the moment…………so in light of that I would like to sit down with myself from 1 month into the future and find out all about my holiday……… spoilers as such, but the pitfalls and ‘should have done’s.

There are always a few, even on the most meticulously planned holiday (as mine always are!) Perhaps there is a meal at a restaurant I should not have ordered……….or one I really should have. Should have left 30 mins earlier for a scheduled trip to avoid last minute panic over being late, due to logging trucks, sheep on road etc. So and So was good, but apparently such and such is so much better……………go there instead. Take a spare set of dried clothes, as you are so clumsy and you get soaked at such and such (actually I will do that anyway, as it is true and I probably will fall in a river or lake – wont be the first time!). I think I get so pre occupied by scenery and taking photos I do not look where I put my feet………that’s why I take Moth – he stops me walking over cliffs!!

This is our first adventure overseas since we first got married and I must confess to being a little nervous………I know most of it is easy, they speak English, money is very similar, culture is sort of similar, I am sure that our neighbors from across the ‘trench’ will take great care with us………..but I am sure it is normal to be nervous and excited. SO I guess I just want to know that everything went smoothly and we had the time of lives and met some really interesting people.

– Julz