Going a Little Quiet

Hi Everyone,

I cannot believe it is almost here, back in October I mentioned about a trip to New Zealand. I will be going a little quiet during my trip away, and may not be able to post as I often as I normally would. For this I apologize,  however there will be an onslaught of posts, as soon as I return. I will attempt to post every now and then during our trip, when Wi-Fi access allows. And I have pre written a few items and photo challenges which are scheduled regularly while we are away on my photographic blog.

Hopefully there wont be any loud destructive parties, in my absence. I have told my (Adult) children I do not wish to turn on the TV in NZ (Doubtful too much to do) and see my house on the news.  To be honest, they are both good kids and will probably have the house clean and tidy and party free in my absence – such a disappointment to my parents I am sure! They are convinced that their Grandchildren should be giving us as much trouble and head aches as I caused them in my youth. Whenever my parents went away on holiday my house turned into party central!! Oh the good old days!

Until my return……………good life, good friends, good health and safe travels

– Julz