You Had Me at Hello

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Silver Screen.”

Famous or infamous kitchy romantic line in Jerry McGuire, I have seen the whole movie, it was OK, not really a big big fan, but the line jumped from my memory, so I thought ‘just go with it’. I’m still wearing my Rose Colored Holiday Glasses and when I say this line I am instantly brought back to my recent New Zealand trip. I was enchanted the second we arrived, everyone made us feel Welcome. I haven’t even posted all my tit bits and images as yet, and I am probably boring you all silly. The truth is I really was not sure what to expect when I got there, I did not know anything about their history and cultures (I figured it was fairly similar to Australia). I knew the county physically sits a little lower than Australia in the Southern Hemisphere, so I just figured it would look a lot like Tasmania. How wrong I was! It’s beautiful and iconic and very, very British. They revel in their Maori culture and proudly display it, they are more than happy to explain and teach to new comers, like myself. Every city and town they went to, the people are nice and polite, every where is so clean, almost no tagging and litter. Service is excellent, every hotel, B&B, cafe and restaurant we went to, the staff knew about local info, how to give great service to their customers and great spots for photos (Or fishing if you’re into that), hiking, biking and anything in between.

The air was clean, especially down in the South, there is very little traffic, the roads are excellent, public transport seemed very good. The only problem we really saw was drivers from over seas on the wrong side of the road, we saw evidence in a particularly nasty accident only a few days before we went through, as we almost got hit on the way to the airport on our way home! There main export is Milk, and how doesn’t love a cow? They are so cute – and tasty! The Lamb is pretty damn good too. Which does bring me to one item, why is milk so expensive? that and Petrol? We were lucky, we only had a few days of rain, usually they get a lot more, and we had fresh snow, 3 mornings in a row – and yes we know “It never snows in February!”New Zealand