Rotorua – Day 4 Continued

After lunch the clouds that had been threatening on and off released the rain, great torrents of it. We were soaked and had to quickly get changed before our next tour to Wai-O-Tamo Glow Worm Caves. It was a long drive out there (2.5hours) and it rained the whole time, but hey in the car it didn’t matter, our guide told us interesting things about the areas we passed through and pointed out various spots along the way. It was still raining heavily when we got to the caves, but hey we were going under ground, so what did a little rain matter? (Although I did have a few quick panicked thoughts about flooding!) Anyway with my excitement building we proceeded underground. Now they are not the biggest cave system, nor the most spectacular (But they have made no claims to that effect), but they do have Glow Worms. I have no photos to show, as we were not allowed ANY photography, but I can state that I was quite disappointed. 2.5 hours for very little. There were quite a lot of worms and silk, they did not really glow all that blue or bright, and there were not as many as I thought there would be? The boat ride through The Cathedral was not as awe inspiring as I had seen in pictures……..but hey that’s Life’.

On the way back our driver gave us a personal tour of the Lake and then dropped us off at the Museum Gardens, which were truly amazing. we Also did the Sulfur Lake Sculpture Trail, commemorating the 100 years of ANZAC.