Sliced Bread?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sliced Bread.”

What’s the best thing since sliced bread? Many things I am sure, and to many different people. The last time I went, ‘Wow! That’s Cool’ was when I loaded Adobe Lightroom after getting my new DSLR Camera. I thought my camera was the best thing since sliced bread, but the camera is only half the fun! Other photographers out there know what I mean……….the world of Post Processing, now that’s COOL!Wai-O-Tapu Termal Wonderland

I know I’m probably being a little short sighted and I am sure someone may ‘say what about?????’ and I’ll go ‘oh yeah didn’t even think of that one’ but hey you go with the flow right? And just to even things out;

  1. Camera & Post Processing Stuff
  2. Computer
  3. Android Tablet
  4. E-Book
  5. COFFEE!!!! (can’t forget the coffee)

Just call me NERD, GEEK, Boffin, techno it’s call I’m happy to be named so, I love technology (and usually it likes me!)

– Julz