Wall to Wall

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall to Wall.”

Pretty much all my walls are covered with my artwork, I have a few of my Mum’s paintings as well, I never did get any of my Grandfather’s, Cousins or Aunts & Uncles Artwork (I come from a long line of painters). I also have a few photos and some paintings or prints of paintings of artist I really like. My taste is a little eclectic…..a bit like me I suppose.RussianMy Kitchen Meals area is mostly farm animals and more American Folk Art pieces, where as my main lounge room is more traditional pieces (ie: Russian Folk Art above), come to think of it mostly floral in the lounge. My Adult kids lounge is mostly canvas printed black & white photos (either I took or some one else did). More edgy and modern. I would love to put up more of my current photos, but just have not got around to it!

– Julz