Wife, Mother, Cleaner, Cook, Lover, Daughter, Friend & Me

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Clone Wars.”

Clone myself……………oh did any one see that Micheal Keaton Movie, Multiplicity? LOL Man I would love a clone for everything that needs to get done; wife, mother, daughter, cleaner, cook, lover, friend, work colleague, and then maybe I could have some real me time! In all seriousness though the movie is probably a little closer to the truth, you copy a copy, and then copy the copy……….you end up with really bad degradation. Then there is the problem, of who gets what job, who is the copy of who. Does the Master copy (ie the Original) get final say? Just because you’re a copy does that mean you should spend all your time cleaning bathrooms, while another copy goes out to lunch? MMMMM it’s a bit of a conundrum isn’t it? Still a few clones up my sleeve would be rather handy!.

Michael Keaton

– Julz