Queenstown – Day 11

We awoke to rain again, it had been raining almost all night, I know it’s probably a little silly, but i spent most of the night worried about mudslides, Queenstown sits on a very steep hillside!We had another LOTR Day trip planned, which got cancelled due to the weather, so another free day.We did a few touristy things in town, shopping etc. everything is super expensive here and it is full of 20+ adrenalin junkies! I did however want to see some Bungy Jumpers, so we went out to Kawarau Bridge, over Kawarau River and watched a few people jump the 40+m from the bridge, at NZ$180.00 it’s not cheap and no refunds if you chicken out. There are other Jumps which are much higher (160m!), but the AJ Hackett is the original Bungy Jump and the 40m is more than high enough for my needs.

We then drove back into Arrowtown (via the low roads this time) and had lunch, found Mary McKillops cottage and the Church I had been looking for the day before. The weather had cleared a little by then so we wandered around Arrowtown and did some more shopping. Then wen out to Kawarau Falls – not a waterfall just a dam! A little disappointing, but quite pretty.

We then headed back to our B&B for Happy Hour with some of the other guests and then back into town again for dinner. After dinner we drove back out the road to paradise for some sunset shots and a bit of night time photography (although a little too much light still)

– Julz