Ring Ring, Ring Ring – SIlence

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Undo.”

If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.


I am probably not going to be popular with this one, but I wish the phone did not exist! Sure Mobile phone for emergency and Text Messaging are great, but I honestly wish that people only communicated via ext or email, except of course when it’s face to face. Get rid of those annoying telemarketers! Just think, they send you spam email (let’s face they already are) delete..that’s it, no more. You can even put them on your blocked list!

I have to deal with people all the time at work, mostly they are disturbing me to complain about something really silly. Can’t they just email me? Some people do and they are a joy to deal with, on my own time, a quick reply, arrange payments, arrange replacement parts, bam – easy-peasy, I do not need to talk to anyone. But NO, I have to cope with people who insist on telling you their life story – people, I just don’t care – and then expect you to solve their silly little problem instantly over the phone. I work in the electronics business, can’t do most things over the phone. Or they wont to complain, people when you start yelling, I stop listening! You say that’s not good Customer Service! It’s REALITY, go into a store and complain, they can’t roll their eyes (although some of them do), I can as you can’t see me. If you have a complaint – email it, we might take you seriously, but people picking up the phone and getting all huffy and rude with me, aint going to solve your problem and is only going to make me more bad tempered.

So yes I wish Alexander Graham Bell never made that damn phone call! I hate the phone, really hate it, I love Social Media and the Internet and I know some of you will put it out there without the phone we would have none of that……..true. But this is a hypothetical So i can wish for any Undo I like and today I just hate that damn phone!

– Julz