Innocence Lost

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Daily Prompts Return to The Daily Post!.”

Write about the most precious thing you’ve ever lost.


Remember when you were a kid, anything and everything was still possible, summer days meant an endless summer of fun and adventure. You thought you could trust an adult, any adult, you were sublimely unaware of the horrors inflicting the world around you? I miss those days.

Those precious days of innocence, before the world imprinted on your sponge like, impressionable mind. If you were lucky, as I was and the horrors did not became apparent until I was a teenager. My parents kept me safe and unknowing, some argue this is a bad thing, but I do not agree, I was allowed to be a child, to play. My world existed of pirates and princesses, tea parties, dolls and teddy bears, and we had fun. I knew nothing of murders, sickness, disease, terrorist attacks, hi-jackings, car bombs, suicide, political assassinations, pedophiles, rapists, and sociopaths in general. I found out about these later.

They say ignorance is bliss, I think there must be some truth to it, every time you turn on the TV or radio, the news reports have something new, something shocking everyday. Have we become so numb, they have to show more graphic images to get our attention? A news report in the 21st Century is like watching a horror movie 20 years ago, only more graphic! Yes I suppose we do need to stay informed, however between human nature running off the rails and mother nature getting pissed at us for destroying her beautiful planet, it is getting pretty scary out there.

Our children are our future, so please let them be children. Bring back the fantasy, the backyard or lounge room forts, the princess & fairy parties, adventurers & pirates, spaceships & astronauts, cowboys & Indians, playing in the park, riding bikes, kicking a ball, playing hide & seek and tag. Don’t let them be couch potatoes, don’t encourage them to watch TV, encourage them to read, to imagine.

So I guess I miss my innocence, I can’t state emphatically that I have actually grown up, as I grew older, but I did lose my innocence. I still feel like I did 20 or even 30 years ago, in many ways I am still a child and probably always will be.

– Julz