TeAnau – Milford Sound – Day 13

It was very cold again last night, with more fresh snow on the Alps, there was a truly beautiful, amazing sunrise turning them soft pinks and mauve’s! I was so caught up in watching it I forgot to take photos! (OMG Who am I?) We were picked up by Fjordland Tours and driven up through Lake TeAnau, Edington Valley, Mirror Lakes (truly spectacular), Cascade Creek, Gunns Camp (almost meets up with Haast through the mountain pass from days before, but is now a dead end, was once a Department of Roads Camp), Hollyford Valley, Falls Creek, Homer Tunnel, The Chasm, Tutoko Bridge and then finally Milford for a 2 hour cruise around the sound.

We saw Lady Nelson & Stirling Falls, Seal Rock and Mitre Peak. The day had started out very cold but warmed up and stayed crystal clear by the time we hit the Sound, so there were impromptu waterfalls everywhere! Apparently no one had really seen Mitre Peak for over 2 weeks due to the really low clouds (locals kept joking they weren’t sure it was still there!)……we were so lucky it remained crystal clear until just before we cruised back into the bay. We then drove back to TeAnau in reverse order, saw lots of Kea (large Alpine Parrott) very intelligent and are not shy at all. They like to pick rubber and bits off cars and are actually a bit of a nuisance. Cloud cover started coming back in on the return drive, and we lost almost all visibility. At Chasm Falls we saw the remains of a car accident, from a few days before, Milford Road Track is NZ worst road for fatalities and it was amazing no died in this latest one. A reminder to be very careful. When we returned we headed back out to the Lake for a few more photos and then dinner. Early night and our last night in NZ.

– Julz