In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Origin Story.”

Why did I originally start this blog? Where I was and where I am now?

I have written on this before, a time or two actually. But a lot has happened in such a short period of time. It’s hard to believe it’s only been 4 months, it feels so much longer. I was in a creative funk! It’s as simple as that. Whether I knew it at the time or not, I had been through an awful illness which forced me to re evaluate my life in so many different aspects. Made me prioritize various different parts in my life, and made me spend an awful lot of time with Myself.I didn’t really like who I had become. So I decided to make some changes. One set of ideas led to another, which in turn led to another, as these things do. While I was messing around with various creative processes, it was brought to my attention perhaps I should write a blog. Not long after I started out BloggingU101 and Photo101 Started, so I thought ‘Hey why not’ . And I learnt…….A LOT.

My world took on a new life of it’s own through partially my blog, I learnt a lot about myself and many others who share a similar history. It put me in contact and context with other artist who have inspired and urged me forward. I didn’t think when I wrote that first post that anyone would be interested. I was self conscious about my wishing to take photographs and thinking that I knew so little. I know most of you have similar stories, we all start a blog for various reasons and we usually seem to end up in a different place to where we started. I now passionately embrace photography and all it has to offer, it has extended the reach, capacity and breadth of my graphic design and creative focus.

I still occasionally get mired down in a creative funk………..I think we all do, but it was pointed out in another Jann Alexander’s post that I read today to embrace that funk and use it as a restorative break and not a self beat up for being lazy or unmotivated. There was also a post today  by Miss Understood, about being your own friend, in some ways it is silly but also profound; we should be comfortable in our own skin, be happy with our own company, and be a friend to oneself. If we don’t like our self, how can we expect other people to like us?


– Julz