Me Time

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Me Time.”

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

I love to be able to wake up, when my body clock tells me it’s time to wake up, not when the phone rings, the doorbell chimes or my alarm telling me I have to get up for something. I would also happily wake up to the smell of fresh coffee (preferably in a cup on the bedside table!). I would love to have sunlight streaming in the windows at the front and down the hall past my bedroom door, especially at the end of Summer, I love to catch every last ray of sunshine I can.

I can then amble outside with the remains of my coffee (or even a fresh cup) and sit in my garden, watch the cats playing, or the insects busily doing insect work in my garden. I will probably wander around checking all plants are doing well, remove the odd weed here and then. Perhaps take a few Macro shots of flowers, plants, morning dew etc. Maybe cut some flowers to take inside.

I could then take the dogs for a leisurely stroll up to the park, come back and possibly tidy up a little while listening to my music (probably quite loud). Then a quiet lunch out on the back deck.

I guess the key ingredient is that I am alone. You see I so seldom get any me time, I just love a quiet Saturday morning by myself!.

And no I did not get any of that! My alarm woke me so I could get an early start on the days requirements, washing, cleaning, food shopping, odd jobs around the house. Plus for the last day of summer it actually got quite warm and my afternoon of gardening got cut a little short. I didn’t even get the camera out 😦

– Julz