Dear Daily Post – Where is the inspiration?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Loving Memory.”

Write your obituary

Dear Daily Post,

I am sorry I just can’t write my obituary, lately all the topics seem dull, depressing and quite frankly a little boring. I have been trying to write everyday and keep things a little upbeat, but I am struggling, and well today I just can’t.

Where is the passion? Where is the inspiration? Where is the fun and laughter? I know we are supposed to just give in and be inspired by random suggestions, but I must admit that lately I am struggling. Perhaps you could argue that I am still writing a post about today’s topic in this very post, and true I am; but please can we have something with a little more passion and inspiration…………………where is your passion, your fire? We turn to you when we have hit the wall.

I am not the only one, some are turning to cute pics and bad jokes in protest. Perhaps we should come up with our own different subject matter, true and I know you should not be responsible for everything we wish to write, but for some of us the Daily Post is a ritual, a launching place for our journalistic intentions. Not all of us have that spark of imagination. Some of us ourselves live in dull surroundings, or boring office buildings (Oh come on none of you write at work?). I have even pressed “try another prompt” but alas I did not find inspiration there either. I have even made suggestions myself, but have not seen them appear, and I cannot write about it before it appears in the Daily Post can I? I do I select it and write here is one I prepared earlier? LOL.

Anyway, that is my ran for today, so I will write about my Passion – photography, I am not going to write my obituary, I am going to post a cute photo of a seal instead in protest. This photo was taken at The Scenery Nook at Akaroa Bay, it is a Seal Nursery and this is an adolescent seal (I think – sorry not a Seal expert) sunning himself on a rock with the only rays of sun we saw that day. There were dozen of seal, but the face on this one is so very sweet.

Milford Sound– Julz