Photo101- Bliss

I was really excited to do the Photo101 again, I had so much fun last time. But my excitement was short lived, as I looked back on the last few posts and realized they are the same Themes as in October. Bummer I thought, I guess that means today will be Bliss. I have not even received my email as yet and already I am starting to see posts coming up themed ‘Bliss’

So I thought, well I compared Water yesterday to the post I created last year and found I was actually proud of myself for the advancement I have made, as a blogger and as a photographer. So I thought I should press on and maybe keep doing the same.

Generally I would say my Bliss is somewhere tropical and on or by the water, check out the last Bliss I wrote, and truly it is still Bliss. But I have also discovered another Bliss, a lovely little land called New Zealand, truly. The Cities, The Mountain streams, the Mountains, the Rivers, The Fjords, the people, the wildlife, the nightlife! Need I go on?

Hobbiton, the Shire
Bliss is Hobbiton, the Shire In Matamata, New Zealand

It’s kind of strange for someone who never really had any interest to go there, I now long to be back. There were so many places that soothed my soul (like water usually does), and we did do some sailing while we were there. But the picture above and below are from The Shire, Hobbiton (Matamata), where for a few hours Moth and I walked around in childlike delight at each new vista and door before us. I have been on Movie sets before, but nothing prepared us for the awe and wonder of this fantastical, magical little spot. It made my heart glow and put a smile on my face. Of course the fact that we had Bright blue skies and a few fluffy white clouds, a perfect summers day didn’t harm us at all. It really is a place of Bliss