My Life is an Adventure – Carpe Diem

We were out with friends the other night, my adult children included and everyone said that Moth and I had become the great adventurers’ and wanted to know where we were off to next?

I guess over the last few months, our life has taken on an adventurous spirit, and why not. We learnt last year not to take things for granted and if you do not seize the day, it will pass you by – Carpe Diem.


So I may not have a very exciting job, but it does help fund our little adventures and this blog helps fuel them!! I see all the wonderful places people have been and I start to imagine myself there. We have started off small, and our adventures are not long. Some days, we never even know where we are going or where we will end up; we just get in the car and go. Our last trip to New Zealand on the other hand was meticulously planned down the the last detail………and we still had a blast; even when things did not go to plan.

So with the Passport pages not even cool yet, I find myself wondering – where too next? Sure, I have a few small trips planned around Victoria, we may even get adventurous and go out in winter this year OMG – dare we? But what about the next big Holiday? Somewhere tropical? Somewhere exotic? Somewhere ancient? Somewhere historic? You may or may not know I am drawn to the Middle East, but I fear that it is still a little hot right now. Somewhere is Asia – Vietnam or Cambodia? Moth is not thrilled with the idea…….I am not sure why. Culture Shock? Food Shock? He finally admitted one of the big draws for NZ was that I had never been there, well I have never been to Vietnam or Cambodia? The temples and Pagodas, the history, the culture, the people, the sights, the sounds, the smells………oh I want to go there now!

Even my friend ‘S’ who is quite an adventurer herself, she wants to go next year to Istanbul, Turkey, Prague and the Greek Islands. Yes! Count me in, I want to go there too. I would rather go other places, but I think that is where I will end up next year, and possibly without Moth, these places are of no interest to him. He only wants to stay close to home, don’t get me wrong I want to explore more of Australia and New Zealand as well too, I just have this burning desire to be ‘elsewhere’. Decisions, Decisions! Maybe I will travel locally with Moth and abroad with S. Oh that would be wonderful. 2 holidays – Oh Dear, Β it sounds like I need to win Tattslotto to fund my trips! Yes I know, 1st World Problems aren’t exactly the tragedies of the world, but they are an issue for me. This year has already been such a busy year, my house and gardens are very neglected (and I know I should be more worried), but pull a weed and another grows back next to it, wipe away some dust and more will come, there will always be washing and dirty dishes, but adventure is calling out to me. I hear it daily, and I want to answer her, really I do. But for now Life and Stuff needs to happen, so while I wash dishes & clothes, dust, garden, work and pay bills………I will just day dream of more adventures.

– Julz