Just a Dream

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Just a Dream.”

You’re having a nightmare, and have to choose between three doors. Pick one, and tell us about what you find on the other side.

I’m running…………I am not sure what is chasing me, it’s big, it’s fast and I can feel the evil radiating out from it, almost breathing down my neck. As the fog swirls around my feet and extends past me to obscure the vision before me, everything gets further away and time slows down.

In this gray, foggy, misty dream scape I pass untold terrors from other dreams, but I am still being chased by some unknown horror. I can feel my heart beating in my chest, pounding like drums and I can feel my breathing; ragged and harsh, like thunder. I cannot get enough air into my lungs and I feel like I am suffocating, I feel my pulse boiling in my temples and sweat runs down my back. Even in this cold, dank fetid haze I am profusely sweating and I can feel the hackles up on my neck. IT is closing in on me, I can feel it drawing nearer.


Suddenly, from out of no where three doors appear before me in a long brick wall that continues for eternity in either direction, all doors are exactly the same, faded brown nondescript doors, faded, chipped, peeling paint, each with a slightly different shaped door knob, one perfectly round, one oblong and one almost square in shape. With the fog swirling around all of them, I panic and try to sort through the confusion of thoughts in my head. Which door to choose? A gentle, almost undetectable breeze sneaks out from under 2 of the doors and starts to move the fog, I can feel warmth from under them, which one do I pick? My brain is streaming pick right, pick right. I feel the evil inching closer as I reach for the round doorknob, I turn it and it creaks open, it is pitch black, I cannot see anything. With the creature behind me I blindly pass through the doorway, the floor drops out from under me, I am falling. Falling into an unknown abyss or terror as I feel the scream sticking in my throat I am flailing my arms, trying to get purchase of something, anything to stop my descent.

Suddenly, just as I am about hit the bottom, I am jerked back into wakefulness – it was only a dream. I lay there still sweating, still panting and slowly take in my surroundings. I sigh – it was just a dream. My breathing returns to normal and I start to feel a chill, I get out of bed to go wash my face and get a glass of water……………that’s when ‘IT’ suddenly reaches out from under my bed and grabs my ankles. It pulls me under the bed, back into the labyrinth of fog and drags me to my demise, screaming “But it was only a dream!”

– Julz