The Time Capsule

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Time Capsule.”

What would you put in this year’s time capsule to channel the essence of our current moment for future generations?

34 1915 vintage postcard italy from genova to carlo antonio repetti in adige war zone h.h.i.w. serie 1075

As I stare into the tin box before me, I realize it was the one my Nan left for me, I found it around my 25 birthday after I was handed a birthday card and a letter from my Nan, she had died the year before. In it was instructions on where to find this time capsule. When I found it, buried at the back of Dad’s shed it was a wonderful collection of photos, letters, poems, news paper clippings, dried flowers from her garden, post cards from her travels with Pop and I spent hours pouring over it. It was funny, sad, magical journey through parts of her life I never knew about. So as I sit here looking at the same tin box, I wonder what I should put in it? Who should it be for, I as yet have no Grandchildren.

I start to look at a collection of photos, some new, some old. I look back on years of memories and decide that I will only put in recent ones, from this decade. I will make it relevant, but not tragic. I could put in newspaper clippings from today. I know way back when WW1 and WW2 were historic and relevant and such a big part of Nan’s life, but the terrors and wars and political crap going on right now, seem so irrelevant. I would start with an introductory letter to Who ever Finds it. I put in some printed photos of the house and gardens, and of course me and Moth. I have so many photos of my kids, I put in only a few old ones and a couple of new ones. I take some clippings from the garden and make dried flowers to add later. I put in some aerial photos of the area from Google Maps. There was some things in the local paper about the annual fair and going ons in the area, so I added them too. I made up a list of authors I like and books I have read and print that off too. I am not sure of the technology in the future (is anyone), so I figure Nan’s photos & paper survived, mine will too. I print off my trip notes from the last few holidays and a few more photos. I cut of a lock of hair and put it in a freezer bag. I put in Nan’s locket, I never really wear it anyway. And I had another letter to my grand daughter, or possibly even Great Granddaughter, to cherish the locket which belonged to my Nan. Finally I put in the letter and some photos from my Nan, so it will live on for another generation.

– Julz