Too Big to Fail

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Big To Fail.”

Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).

If I was guaranteed not to fail, I would quit my job and branch out on my own as a Graphic Artist, Designer and possibly even photographer. Unfortunately there are literally thousands of starving (or at least struggling) artists and photographers out there, many of whom are amazing in their own right and should be rolling in money, fame or notoriety; but there are just so many. I once upon a time ran my own studio and it did do quite well for a small studio, I ran art classes and everything, but it is just so hard. The work load is large and you have to remain completely focus and enthusiastic. It’s is very difficult to complain about your job and your boss, when it is yourself! Plus it is not always guaranteed income, so I closed it down and went back to working ‘For the Man’.

I guess there is the issue with degrading something you love for money, don’t get me wrong I would love to be a professional photographer for instance, but what I love about photography is just going out randomly and seeing something that catches my eye………click there’s a photo! But if you are a professional working for others you have to take photos dependent on their needs, not what you feel like. Unless you can manage to get people to buy prints of your amazing photography, just as it is. I know there are photographers who do just that, have studios and on line stores that sell the photos they randomly shoot, but in reality I guess most people don’t have that luxury.

I know when I ran my studio, I had to continually keep coming up with something new and exciting to get people to keep coming back, there is always a value add you need to offer, it is draining and tiring and just plain difficult. You end up dreading the thing you initially love to do, well at least I did. Instead of being inspired, I was becoming boring, stuck in a rut. Quite frankly I hardly paint at all now, unless something truly inspires me I don’t even lift a brush.

I guess I would love a Patron who paid me to be ME! I would not have to work, I could just wander, travel and see what inspires me; whether it be painting, drawing, writing, photography. That would be cool, and if i felt like sleeping in, sitting on a beach or a park bench that was OK too!

If anyone knows of someone who might be interested, let me know!!

– Julz