A House Divided

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A House Divided.”

Pick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in which you take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides. Bonus points for a creative format (round table discussion, debate transcript, etc.).

Sorry. Not today. I will use the same post but in a different format. I Live in Melbourne, Australia; Cultural, Sporting, Fashion Capital of Australia……….there are some who may argue that point, but in fact according to most press releases we are undeniably the center for all that and more and ranked highly on best places to live in the world. And yes I guess that is all something to be proud of………………however I guess I am very Un-Melbournian!

A/ Melbourne is home to the AFL Gods……….yes it is a religion here! I do not follow AFL, I do not particularly like AFL, I have been to a few games, still do not really like it.

B/ I do not like cricket, tennis, swimming, or golf for that matter either. I do not follow, go to or even watch the Melbourne Cup for that matter either (Yes Gasp!)the whole world stops for that one silly race, and I could not even tell you who won last year’s Cup.

C/ I do not go to Moomba, I do not go to White Night, I do not go to Pako Fest, Chinese New Year Festival, the Comedy Festival or any other festival in Melbourne………..I do not like big crowds and I really can’t see the point. I have been in to see Myer Christmas Windows and Melbourne Town Hall, but that’s about it.

D/ Fashion – not a big fan. Give me jeans and a T-Shirt and I am usually happy. I do like to dress up now and then, sure, but not a big fan of fashion.

E/ Food / Cafe Culture, well you have me there, I have been to a few places and find simple pleasures we have in Melbourne missing or done badly. We have a really good food and coffee culture in Melbourne, some say we are coffee snobs, but hey if you need to pay $4:00+ for a coffee, it had better be good! Also when I go out to a restaurant, cafe etc for a meal, I expect it to be good. You go to other states within Australia and the cafe/ restaurant scene is very different. Sure they have them, but not in the same way we seem to have them here. I will admit the service could be a little better in some places, but the food is usually good.

F/ Culture Culture….we seem to have stacks of festivals for food, art, comedy, music and god knows what else………I must admit these I do not really go to, crowds are too big. A lot of people go and enjoy them and this is good for Melbourne, just not me. However I do love the stage shows, opera and ballet (I must admit it’s been awhile since I was at the ballet, but I went to the opera last year at Sydney Myer Music Bowl, it was fabulous), we have movies in the park, in the city and various surrounding areas. Concerts, yes I know bands do concerts other places, but even the bands seem to agree, there is nothing like a Melbourne Audience………..we love our music!

G/ I guess that then brings me to Cars………..Bathurst (Yes I know WHERE Bathurst is; in NSW – But as Melbournian Sports nuts we supposedly all love our Bathurst), Moto GP, F1. I have never been and have no real interest. F1 was on in Melbourne yesterday and where was I? I was very far from Melbourne, down on Mornington Peninsula with my trusty camera, absorbing nature in all her glory. To be honest when it comes to Bathurst and F1 in Melbourne I leave the house, I leave Moth to the TV in peace and quiet and I enjoy a day to myself.

Now if you have quite recovered from my shocking revelations, please don’t throw stones; surely I am not the only person in Melbourne who does not buy into all this stuff!! Give me a good concert or stage show, a good meal, some good company and a great coffee and everyone can keep the rest! Just leave me the parks, beaches and national forests and my trusty camera!

– Julz