Photo101 – Capture a Moment

To capture a moment, is easier said than done at times, and other moments happen so fast and we are lucky when we catch them. Other moments, if we have a little patience and some perseverance we can get the shot ………these first three were waves crashing over rocks at Flinders Beach last weekend. I had been trying to capture some long exposures (Pulpit Rock below), and then decided just to grab a few quick shots as well.

Cape Schank & Pulpit Rock

This next one is a real rarity that I am showing you…………two Orcs kissing??! This is Moth and I on our Wedding Anniversary…….I kid you not. This was at Pelannor Fields, where they shot several scenes from LOTR near Twizel in New Zealand. A silly bit of fun, sure, but still a Moment, I think everyone took a pic……….I mean you usually don’t get to see two Orcs kissing – do you? Oh and the mace? That was for my protection! lol

Twizel, Pelaanor Fields

– Julz

P.S. No Husbands were harmed in the making of this picture!

Oh I forgot, my Moment from last year