Bad Jokes………really

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ha Ha Ha.”

Tell us a joke! Knock-knock joke, long story with a unexpected punchline, great zinger — all jokes are welcome!

A joke Huh? I am not a funny person, I really don’t tell jokes, either I forget the punch line or I am so busy laughing I can’t get the joke out! I’m the giggler in the crowd, I will usually laugh at any joke; good or bad taste……..but not the really, really bad jokes. That’s when I usually roll me eyes and ask really? So here goes nothing, for I fear it probably is nothing.

What do you call a fly without wings?

A Walk!

funny-picture-cat-picture-ehpien-catThink about, it’s really funny when you are drunk!

Why did the cow cross the road?

To get to the Udder Side!

a.baa-laughter-of-animalThey do not get any better

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Arch who?

Bless you would you like a tissue?

laughing-dogand Finally………………..

A man comes home, finds his wife in bed with another man, and asks, “What is this?!?” The wife turns to her lover and says, “See, I told you he was stupid!”


– Julz